Brand Spotlight: Mallow and Thyme

C O N N E C T   ::  W I T H  ::  T H E  ::  E  A  R T H
 The blessing of dressing my body in decadent energy was gifted to me by the creator of Mallow & Thyme. Tiaona Pemberton, a Gem of a soulchild who pours her imagination and skill into these crystal and stone pieces. M&T is a fine quality brand that’s products are an embodiment of power, positive energy and  feel good vibes. These enchanted stones restore the spirit to your soul.
Check out their other transcendent necklaces HERE!
Indulge in their Instagram images HERE!

I’m Wearing:
Cashmere Poncho: Gifted // Sheer Tank: H&M // Maroon Jeans: Alice and Olivia  // Rings:Black Market Minerals //  Shoes: Top Shop //  Brown Felt Hat: Thrifted // Maroon Lip: Diva- MAC Cosmetics

One Comment Add yours

  1. Kacie Cone says:

    Oh my gosh stunning! That necklace is so dreamy!

    Shy Girl Loud Voice

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