A Life Among the Flowers

Camping out in majestic farmland, lost in the acres, rows & hillsides of lush greenery & crops. I stopped to walk among the fall-blossoming corn when I stumbled upon a bushel of daisies & this hilarious maryjane look-a-like. Barefooted, decked out in over-alls and tie-dye:  I felt completely at home. It was a wonderfully warm afternoon, that chilled off as the day went on.
 I tossed a loose-knit sweater on and eased through the  day comfy and snug. I spent the evening on the trail, and hanging around our campsite, grillin’ up snacks. It’s days like these, nestled among the school/work week that make it all worth-while.  Take a personal day and indulge in the season– Travel to your local farm, campground, or state park to Stay grounded.
Tie-Dye Tank: Vintage • Overalls: Etsy •  Rainbow Lennons: Etsy •  Sterling and Moonstone Pendant:  Black Market Minerals

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