Tuesday: Jazz Playlist

Going to the Three River’s Arts Fest tonight to see Michael Kiwanuka tonight (!!)  & I made a playlist of all of my favorite blues songs.

DCIEM Skincare: The Ordinary

   The High-Spreadability Primer is a fast favorite of mine.   One day I started with a primer base & My makeup lasted from an early-morning work day that flowed into last call.  No settling or shifting– It’s a godsend. Some mornings after braving the brittle cold of this northern city, I run my fingers…

Greenhouse Season

Flourishing Season is here.  Just this past weekend, My man & I took the first windows-down “sunday drive.” A new route fringing on the lusher outskirts of the city.  To our great surprise, a few local nurseries have stocked & opened their greenhouses already. This, in my eyes, is a declaration of spring’s true arrival….

Recipe: Green Detox Drink

This is the ultimate juice blend & St. Patty’s Day Remedy. Balance out the pregames & parades with something a little healing.  Get right & start with a hearty pour of this before you dive into the Irish Coffees to stay authentically energized. Why you ask? Cucumber‘s will provide magnesium & Potassium which effectively “pretox”…

Midnight Drive

We were hurtling through stretches of southern interstate, but there was stillness. The wind that gushed through the sunroof  was near-deafening, but our world was silent. When my man and I used to embark on long drives, we would fixate on the destination & the serenity that was guaranteed to greet us when we arrived.  For 6 years we’ve…

DIY Decor: Fairy GardenTerrarium

Here’s What You’ll Need: Glass Vessel Vinegar for Cleaning Decorations Cacti or Succulents Mini LED Light Strand (here) Polished Stones or Sea Glass Choose a handful of succulents and decorations.  Gemstones, feathers, skulls, preserved wings, figurines are great options. Lay them out together so you can see what fits/compliments the plants best. Wash your polished…

Travel Diary: Allegheny National Forrest in the Fall

A Weekend Stay in Venango County, Pennsylvania.  My man & I come back each year.  Life would feel incomplete without time spent admiring the simplicity of life, as we do in the country.  Here, the eggshells are the color of rich caramel and the yolks are 24k gold. We live, blissfully unaware of a headline or hashtag….

Cattle & Swine

We snuck away for a weekend in the country. It was quiet in the mornings, and gave us the rare opportunity to start slow.  My man & I, walked from barn to barn greeting the cattle and swine.  I wore layers of alabaster and blue that mimicked vintage country cookware.

Cinnamon-Apple Crisp with Honey Almond Crumble

Here’s What you’ll need: For the Cake 2 tbsp all-purpose flour 2 tbsp ground grahm crackers ¼ tsp baking powder 1 tbsp dark brown sugar 3 tbsp milk ½ tbsp vegetable oil ¼ tsp ground ginger ⅛ tsp ground cinnamon ½ tbsp honey Pinch of salt For the Apples: 2 cups of largely diced apples 2…