Wintertime Rewind: Food + Family + Photographs

It’s a family tradition–  One day a month around the holiday season relatives come in to visit and the day is dedicated to making delicious dumplings and other fantastic dishes. I’ve come to learn that making the perfect pierogi-ravioli-dumpling is an art. It’s time-consuming but oh-so worth it. We had a kale/greens salad with olives/red peppers/avocado/feta/tomatoes ((the only constant at Sunday dinners– this awesome staple salad))  steamed bok choy, Handmade pork and Chinese chives dumplings, homemade authentic fried rice + a soy/green onion sauce for it all.  A recipe for authentic Chinese dumplings –> Here.  If you’re like me and you don’t dig on the pig– you may love this idea: substitute the pork in this recipe with sautéed wild mushrooms  and Kale.  —> Vegetarian recipe.  Give these recipes a try, they will change your life & your opinion on Chinese take-out food!

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